Manual pinch valves

Agar® pinch valves are designed to work efficiently in most extreme conditions. Under the principles of simplicity, efficiency and economy the Agar® pinch valve represents a reliable and high quality product with low maintenance costs.

At Indus Agar® we work under the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 quality standard to provide our customers with products that exceed the highest expectations. Our valves are durable, easy to install, simple to operate and inexpensive to maintain. The Agar® rubber sleeve is identical for both our manual and automated valves.

Working conditions, pressure, temperature and the nature of the liquid to be transported are essential parameters for the correct choice of the sleeve, whether natural or synthetic rubber.

Agar® products have become a 60 year worldwide reference in the transport of abrasive and corrosive fluids.

Spare parts and assembly drawing:

– 1M: Upper cast iron body.

– 2M: Lower cast iron body.

– 3M: Handwheel.

– 4M: Spindle.

– 5M: Rubber sleeve.

Flanges: DIN 2576 / UNE-EN-1092-1-TYPE 01. For other flange standards (ANSI / ASME), please contact us.

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