Centrifugal Pumps

The transport of liquids containing abrasive or corrosive materials is the main cause of tear and wear on all metal parts in contact with them.

Our experience in this field has led us to the developments of a pump and a valve that represent advance in the technique of transporting fluids with abrasive or corrosive particles, since the fluid does not come into contact with any metal parts when passing through the fully rubber-coated pumps and valves. All our products are suspended solids and non-oxidizing solutions resistant.

At Indus Agar S.A. we manufacture three ranges of centrifugal pumps for handling abrasive and corrosive fluids:

bomba H-de-indus-agar

No medium conveyed by our pumps comes into contact with any metal part simply because the interior of our pumps is completely coated in rubber. Let us not forget experience proves rubber provides excellent results against abrasion and corrosion.

General Characteristics

All types of fluids

Robust and effective rubber-coated centrifugal pumps suitable for all types of fluids, particularly abrasive and corrosive.

Rubber coatings in different qualities

We have different types of rubber depending on the fluid you will be working with.

Easy handling, assembly and disassembly

The pump maintenance is performed without the need for highly qualified personnel.

Low maintenance costs

Wear occurs only on a replaceable coating.

Rubber coatings replaced in the factory

Heavily worn parts are sent to the factory to be recoated, being left in perfect condition for reuse.

No coupling joints

The suction and discharge nozzles require no coupling joints.