Automated pinch valves

The Agar® automated valve provides an effective control of the industrial process during closing and opening operations. Its functional design ensures easy installation and easy replacement of the elastic sleeve.

The Agar® automated valve consists of our Agar® pinch valve, a pneumatic cylinder and a coupling device designed by our technical team.

The excellent performance of our automated valves allows optimal functioning in extreme conditions. Thanks to the advanced sleeve design, the valve can make as many opening and closing operations as necessary without losing its resilience.

To ensure an efficient performance and minimum maintenance it is essential to choose the appropriate elastic sleeve, the only part of the valve in contact with the fluid. Its durability and strength will therefore depend on the type of rubber -natural or synthetic- chosen and of course the nature of the fluid and working conditions.

Spare parts and assembly drawing:

– 1MA: Upper cast iron body.

– 2M: Lower cast iron body.

– 3MA: Coupling device.

– 4MA: Spindle.

– 5MC: Rubber sleeve.

– 6AR: Stem washer.

– 7ATI: Lower gasket.

– 8ATS: Upper gasket.

– 9ATE: Piston gasket.

– 10AV: Stem.

Flanges: DIN 2576 / UNE-EN-1092-1-TYPE 01. For other flange standards (ANSI / ASME), please contact us.
Air pressure: 6-10 kg/cm².

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